Automated Gates Sydney

When you need to know your property is secure, automated gates offer the security you need while allowing for easy access for those with clearance to enter. At About Fences we specialise in providing the finest properties in Sydney with the security you need to keep your property properly protected.

Residential Needs

When you live in a home on a large property and wish to keep your family and property safe from intruders, we can offer you the automated gates you need that will not only protect your home, but also add to its attractiveness. You want to provide security but not make your home appear like a fortress. We can provide the gates you need that allow proper protection, easy access for family and guests while adding an added touch of elegance to your home and property.

Industrial Needs

Sometimes it is not just about keeping people out, but keeping people safe. As an industrial complex you have a duty to keep your property safe from potential trespassers who could unknowingly be injured. You also have to provide security to protect from intruders as well as to help keep your procedures confidential. We can provide the automated gates Sydney commercial properties depend on for protection and security. Our gates are easy to operate offering the security you need with easy use for entry and exits for staff and visitors.

Not Open to Public

We can also offer the automated gates Sydney restricted areas need to keep secure. Form military areas, air ports and waste facilities to private parking lots, we can provide the safe, secure gates and fencing you need to keep unauthorized personnel off of your property. When you are in need of automated gates Sydney requires About Fences are your fencing experts. Give us a call to discuss your security needs.


Automated Sliding Gates